Election Day: Thanks for the Victories, GOP Jokers!

Political Science 101 teaches us that in a mid-term election, the party that doesn’t have the presidency tends to win Senate, Congressional, and lots more seats on down the ballot. Throw in inflation that the party in power really has little control over and this should have been a wave election for the Republicans, and they totally ignored that script. Was all the Trump worshipping and posing with assault rifles just a pilot pitching a series to the Comedy Channel while real political parties aim for prime airtime on CSPAN?

Having failed at domestic terrorism and elections, is the GOP even a serious political party?

If you were creating a political themed comedy you’d start with a plot line where your candidates make the wackiest statements possible- Accusing our most trusted guardians of our democracy of fraud and worse, feigning outrage over non existent trans athletes and immigrant workers, denying scientific facts en masse, supporting brutal dictators, and militant demonstrations against… Face masks? As for casting… What could be more comical than a carpetbagger TV Doc from New Jersey invading the proud rival Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to run for Senate, an unfaithful pro-lifer who virtually had a charge account at the abortion clinics, a top narcotic pusher and COVID denier who somehow still has a license, a hoard of extras decrying our fair elections while running for the offices that conduct our elections, Attorney General wannabes who’ve never tried a case, and self appointed military heroes who’ve never seen combat.

Nice try, republicans… If the Comedy Channel adds another channel or three and needs some cheap late night non union filler programming, they might maybe give you a call, and the couple minutes of disclaimers, trigger warnings, etc. that would have to precede and follow your poor attempts at comedy will kill even more time- A good thing because no advertiser would want to be within an hour or channel of your sick “humor”. Your sheepish concession speeches today said it all- You’re a damn poor excuse for a political party and ya ain’t funny either!


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