Election -5 days: Rural democrats Swarm for SOS Steve Simon!

So many democrats at Willmar that I had to shoot from outside the office window to get them all in the picture!

Even bigger crowd in Marshall, good thing we had a whole park!

With barely a days notice rural western Minnesota democrats mobilized to support our Secretary of State Steve Simon who is being challenged by a Republican election denier who’s already calling for sheriffs to invade polling places. Yes, in the middle of a weekday 30 odd democrats came together in Willmar, a city of but ~20,000, to support fair elections and our Secretary of State who will secure them. Then despite the cold winds 40+ even odder democrats showed up in Marshall (pop. ~13,000) to support Steve!

Steve at Willmar as the crowd grew…

Followed by democratic Minnesota Senate district 16 candidate Fernando Alvarado.

In Marshall Steve again explains why we need an impartial and fail Secretary of State like him to assure fair elections.

Followed by district 15 democratic senate candidate Anita Gaul whose been campaigning so hard she broke her ankle!

And Minnesota state house district 15A democratic candidate Keith VanOverbeke.

A few hours later just across the border in South Dakota we were reminded why we need the stewardship of democratic Secretaries of State to assure fair elections- In Minnehaha County a lawsuit has been filed to stop the counting of absentee ballots alleging imagined violations, and in a smaller county they’re trashing the vote counting machines and counting by hand!

Thanks Steve!

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