Halloween for Real: the Republican Horror Political S-t Show

Half century ago the “Rocky Hour Picture Show” was born in a London theatre and grew up on the big screen, and this work of trans and otherwise -gressive comedy lives on in multiple medias and live on the big screen late Saturday nights. In response to this and other flowerings of progressive culture, the Republicans have declared cultural civil war, cultivating a deadly serious armed to the teeth house of political horrors that threatens to launch a shooting war.

Believe it or not, the Republicans did learn a few things from their enemies during their neo-crusades in Kuwait, Afghanistan, and Iraq: Fire up enough men and a few women with fundamentalist religion, sexism, homophobia and general intolerance and they’ll fight wars for you with no need to arm them or pay them now or in veterans benefits. Indoctrinate over the internet and through a network of allied hate groups and the Republicans have plausible deniability, which comes in handy as the Republican Party has become the “political wing” of a coalition of hate groups including neo nazis, racists, misogynists, and anyone else violently opposed to 21st century science and culture.

This comes in handy for the Republicans as their brand of political backwardness isn’t too popular, resulting in their losing the popular vote in the last five presidential elections. But the republican’s alliance with their coalition of hate intimidates minority democratic voters into urban districts where their votes are often wasted in congressional and legislative elections so the Republican minority can block the will of the majority. And if that fails, they’ve got their armed thugs to scare away voters, threaten and block elections, and asassinate democratic leaders like they just tried.

Halloween and it’s fictional horrors will be over tomorrow, the Republican’s reign of terror will grow until we end it.


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