Time to Campaign Down Ballot?

Lately I’ve been (too) frequently refreshing 538’s election predictions and they’ve become a lot more refreshing, take a look for yourself: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/2020-election-forecast/   Now click over to the Minnesota forecasts- As of Friday afternoon Biden has a 92% chance of winning Minnesota and Smith a 93%! Nationwide, Biden is given an 87% chance of winning the presidency and Trump has but a 5% chance of winning the popular vote… In Minnesota and increasingly in the nation, Biden has won and Smith will be headed back to a likely democratic senate. Now look at the House predictions, and click on Minnesota and CD7 for direction… CD7 Congress member and experienced Ag committee chair Collin Peterson is forecast to have only a 24% chance of winning re-election!

538 Forecast a 95% chance that we’ll hold the house, but the loss of Collin will be a loss of his decades of experience in agriculture and robust representation of us rural folks. In the legislative races, we have a chance to flip the senate blue and give ourselves rural voices in the legislature in several districts Collin and Amy have won like SD5, HD16A, and all 3 seats in 17. And while Trump has made winning the White House a top priority, we need to hedge our bets by winning the Minnesota Senate and democratic control of Minnesota just in case Trump cheats himself into another term in the white house instead of the prison cell he deserves.

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