MN Mail Voting, Week 2…

OK, last week was the first week and the slow off the mark election administrators can use “practice” as an excuse for their poor performance. But with mail movement now measured in weeks and only 4 weeks and change left, there’s no room for any more malfeasance or just plain nonfeasance in mail ballot issuance and processing.

This looks to be a record breaking election probably breaking 3 million votes cast with around 60% of DFLers and 30% of GOPers voting by mail. As of friday a.m. almost half those 3 million voters had requested mail ballots and over 300,000, a bit over 20%, had been returned and accepted by election officials. Of those votes about 200,000 are probably from and for DFLers, And with a bit over half of our voters being DFLers that means probably around 12% of DFLers have already voted.

Looking deeper into the details and especially for CD7, Redwood County has over 40% of the vote in. Clearwater, Cottonwood, Kandiyohi, and Otter Tail are over 30% in. Chippewa, Hubbard, Polk, Pope, Renville, Traverse, and Yellow Medicine Counties are over 20% in. Most of those votes are democratic, which means as more democrats have voted campaign strategy should shift from GOTVing DFLers to persuading later voting independents and jilted GOPers.

But a bunch more counties are laggards with many not even getting 10% of the mail vote in, with Lincoln, Mahnomen, and Pipestone reporting not a single vote accepted of the thousands requested… This is starting to look suspicious. Here’s the link to the stats:

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