We’re the Majority Party, Start Acting Like It!

Enough of the sniveling on the left- Trump wasn’t elected by us voters, and neither has any other republican presidential candidate since 2004. No republican has won the popular vote in an open seat presidential race since 1988. The Senate is constitutionally unrepresentative, maybe a good idea when the constitution was written and the ratio of least to most populous state was around 11 to 1, but massively disenfranchising when the ratio is around 70 to 1 and the 10 most populous states with over half our nation’s population have but 20 of the 100 senate seats. The House is little better, as districts have been “cracked” and “packed” by gerrymandering and democrats liking for the benefits of urban living. The GOP party of zombies hangs on to power by working this system of obsolete laws, and in no way should Trump or the GOP Senate dictatorship be considered legitimate.

In Minnesota, even more so- No GOP presidential candidate has won here in over four decades. The GOP took advantage of Minnesota’s off year statewide elections to elect moderate GOPers to the governor’s mansion, but as the GOP left moderate Minnesotans behind they haven’t won a statewide race since 2006. And while gerrymandering and clustering of democrats in urban areas has given the GOP the occasional legislative majority, they have seldom actually won the statewide total vote in either house.

Even out here in reputedly red but ancestrally Farmer-Labor CD7 the GOP is only renting DFL ground- While far down ballot DFL candidates lose in obscurity, progressive Senator Amy Klobuchar and moderate Congress Member Collin Peterson win CD7 and most of it’s legislative districts. The GOP wins these Klobuchar and Peterson districts only by gerrymandering, big donors, and incumbency. At the city council level, Trump GOPers have won only in the smallest towns while democrats govern in the reddest counties.

If Trump’s still squatting in the White House after January 20th, the election was stolen.

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