Election Day(s) Tomorrow!

Y’ll ready to GOTV?

Ya, COVID-19 messed with the calendar, we just nominated Biden and Harris, we still ain’t caught up on lawn signs, and Pioneer Public TV’s debates begin tonight. But here in blue with a few rust stains Minnesota in person voting begins tomorrow, and mail ballots go out in the (snail) mail. Three consecutive A rated polls give Biden an outside the Margin Of Error lead in Minnesota demoting us to the 8th most likely state to decide the presidential election. The polls also tell us that over half of DFL voters will cast their votes long before Election Day… Yes, we get 6 weeks to GOTV while the GOP voters follow Trump’s command to march to the polls like lemmings on traditional Election Day.

What’s not to like?

Yup, the calendar is upside down and backwards- For the next couple of weeks we will be in mass GOTV mode. Then thanks to our on the ball Secretary of State the parties will get pretty much daily updates on which voters mail ballots have been received, and the VAN will be updated promptly. That means we’ll have a smaller and smaller list of votes to chase, and as the last Election Day approaches in this backwards election calendar we’ll switch to persuasion, especially here in CD7 where 20% of the voters swing, and those indie swing voters will decide and vote late. Throw in CD7s numerous seniors who voted Trump in 2016 and were jilted and there’s swing votes aplenty to elect down ballot democrats in places where democrats have lost a decade.

Then the polls finally close, the votes get counted, Trump and the GOP are reminded that they’re a permanent minority party… And Trump will claim victory anyway! More on that later…

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