Polling: CD7 is in play…

And in a good way!

Getting to the point in this year’s twisted campaign calendar where new polls pop almost everyday, and the gem of these polls is A rated Survey USA’s latest, complete with full cross tabs. Data mining this high grade ore with a mere pick axe the hidden details in the political landscape pop right out, and here they are for your political perusing: http://www.surveyusa.com/client/PollReport.aspx?g=cc902191-9d67-498a-aa9c-d59233e2c85b

Survey USA breaks out results for “western Minnesota” which mostly corresponds to CD7, which Hillary lost by a 30+ percent margin while moderate Dem Congressman Collin Peterson eked out a closer than usual win. SUSA shows Trump leading Biden 48% to 29%, closer than CD7’s Cook PVI of R+12 would predict. But 16% are undecided, while statewide only 7% are… We knew CD7 was “swingy”, but a week before voting starts in this polarized race, how can that many be undecided? And note that Trump hasn’t made it past 48%… Pol Sci 101 teaches us that late deciding voters will mostly vote for the challenger, and Trump ain’t even polling at 50%.

It gets worse… For the GOP!

Next race on the ballot is for U.S. Senate, with incumbent Tina Smith leading gross professional blowhard Jason Lewis 47% to 36% statewide with 14% undecided, partly reflecting the fact that Lewis outside of his 2nd CD home is known only to metro area conservative talk radio listeners. Out here in western Minnesota’s R+12 CD7 Tina is leading Jason 39% to 31%, and in a statistical dead heat with undecided which is polling at 28%!

No wonder a Jason Lewis campaign event in CD7 drew this massive crowd…

Someone please inform Jason that he’s the “sacrificial lamb” so he can enjoy his travels around our beautiful state, write his concession speech, and enjoy getting passed out drunk on election night. When even top of the ticket GOP candidates are underperforming the PVI by 8 and 25% in red but swingy CD7, all but the most entrenched GOP incumbents in the reddest districts are vulnerable!

2 thoughts on “Polling: CD7 is in play…

  1. Of course he was “good”, he’s a performer!

    And BTW, why would someone from “socialist” Ivanhoe who only has decent internet thanks to a cooperative support candidates that want to destroy all that “socialism” they benefit from?


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