MN GOP’s Rural Organizing Fail…

Rumor had it that the Minnesota Republicans were pouring millions and over a hundred organizers in red & rural counties, running up the voter registrations in hopes of mobilizing just a few more Trump cultists off their fat butts to take Minnesota for Trump. So today I dredged through the registered voter counts for Trump’s best dozen counties and the DFL’s two best for comparison to see if all those GOP $$$ are registering more Trump voters.

Trump won 12 counties (Clearwater, Lake of the Woods, Marshall, Martin, Meeker, Morrison, Pipestone, Redwood, Roseau, Sibley, Todd, and Wadena) by a margin of over 40% in 2016 per this link: . Our great SOS also gives us annual reports and monthly updates of voter registration here:

Digging through the data, In the annual May reports registered voter counts in the “dirty dozen” Trump counties barely moved in any direction between the first after 2016 election count in May 2017 and the most recent annual count in May 2020, the biggest gain being 2% while many counties lost voters. OK, we’ll give those phantom GOP organizers one last chance to register some more republicans, but checking the latest August 3rd stats show’s the biggest voter registration increase from May 2017 a measly 4% increase in Sibley County, 3% in Lake of the Woods, and 2% in Morrison. The rest of Trump’s dirty dozen held even or lost voters, the worst being Redwood County at -8%.

So where the hell were all these GOP organizers and what were they doing? Given the not so fine example of shameless corruption the Trump administration has set, probably nowhere near rural Minnesota cashing the paychecks from their “no show” jobs! So the threat of a GOP registration explosion in rural Minnesota is debunked… Is this all the GOP can manage?

For comparison, the two counties that Trump lost to Hilary by an over 30% margin, Hennepin and Ramsey, saw voter registration increases of 5% and 6% respectively. So it appears that the GOP has gained no fundamental registration advantage, while the DFL is gaining a registered voter advantage in the states two most populous and democratic counties.

Memo to the GOP: Not only is your political ship lost on the political seas with a drunk with power captain at the helm, but your deck is nothing but loose cannons, and your crew is still in port partyin’!

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