Ready for the Election from Hell?

Followed by recounts, no-counts, constitutional and unconstitutional challenges, flunking the Electoral College, And Trump’s fortress White House(s)…

Don’t worry about the campaign… Joe Biden’s outpolling Trump in places democrat’s usually don’t, like Texas. Retaking the Senate is within sight, and House republicans may as well start writing their retirement speeches. Downballot, Trump will turn 3rd and 4th ring suburbs and rural “micropolitan” districts blue. Yup, it’ll be a weird campaign with no doorknockin’, but just flood the campaign zones with signs even if they don’t vote, lay on the lit, and get as close as you legally can to dropping a ballot into every democratic and independent voter’s mailbox.

Trump and his GOP have a different plan by default, being as they now have not the slightest chance of winning a fair election. So they’re operating under banana republic rules, doing everything in their power to block, manipulate, and defy this election. We had a preview of the GOP’s first line of defense in Georgia yesterday, where despite two postponements giving the republican Secretary of State extra time to pull off a proper election, absentee ballots didn’t even make it to the Post Office to get lost in the mail and voters didn’t get to vote ’til after midnight. And this was just a low stakes primary…

And a dry run for November. Hell, it’ll start in late September when early voting begins in Minnesota, where it looks like Trump’s “good people” white separatists just torched dozens of buildings, including two Post Offices. If they’ll do felony level federal crimes like arson, misdemeanor level theft of mail ballots is just about assured. Come election day AR-15 embellishing fascists, unidentified federal cops, and assorted neonazis will “greet” voters in minority neighborhood polling places. Ballots will be burned and ballot counting machines will be trashed, and the odd Molotov cocktail served.

Whatever ballots survive will get fed into the surviving ballot counting machines, assuming the election judges haven’t had to flee or take cover. Trump’s motley army of misfits will terrorize Secretary of State’s offices on election night, then move on to intimidate canvassing boards and the innumerable lost cause recounts the republicans will buy. GOP Secretaries of State will refuse to certify Biden victories and invite republican rather than democratic electors to cast their votes. And if all those months of GOP domestic terrorism fails…

Even the most despicable (and we’ve had a few) Presidents willingly walked outa the White House whether termed out or turned out by the voters. Trump, who lives on conspiracy theories and would never accept defeat, is unlikely to leave the White House by his own volition. The White House is a well decorated and landscaped fortress, with a next ring of fence around that. In response to the non threat of demonstrators Trump spent $50,000,000 to add another layer of fence. By inauguration day Trump will probably add another layer at taxpayer’s expense, then maybe try to seal off the whole city, giving him a plentiful supply of hostages. Or maybe he flees to his Florida “White House” and proclaims it the capital of his new confederacy. With our military in pursuit, he takes off in a jet full of cash and criminal cronies from an impromptu runway on Alligator Alley to a real banana republic with which we have no extradition agreement.

I write this to not to frighten, but to warn… If we expect a fair election, that election will be stolen. We can defend democracy- It takes less than an hour for us to gather a thousand peaceful protesters in any decent sized city, Trump’s fascist thugs have to scour the nation for months to dredge up not even a thousand of their dregs. We democrats are a political party grown out of in the street protests, from strikes through the civil rights marches, antiwar movements, Stonewall rebellion, and Black Lives Matter…

We are now called to return to the streets en masse to defend democracy and evict Trump!

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