Amy’s Iowa Surge Accelerates!

Been following the Iowa polling and Amy’s been surging and is polling in double digits in 7 of the last 9 polls. Even the cautious handicappers at 538 have noted the trend in this post:

One of the latest of these polls by well regarded pollster Emerson College has Amy passing Elizabeth Warren to move into 3rd place behind Sanders and Biden, here’s the link:  

This is the only recent poll of Iowa that broke down results by congressional district, and it showed Amy over performing her statewide result of 13% with 16% in northeastern Iowa’s 1st congressional district and 15% in southwestern Iowa’s 3rd congressional district. This means Amy will probably have the support to pass the 15% threshold for earning delegates at many caucuses as well as at these congressional district conventions. 

Nice to have some good news for Amy and all democrats on a day when the republicans put party before country and made Trump the Imperial President. I’m off to Sioux City tomorrow to catch Amy’s appearance and pick up some signs, I’ll be back in Iowa Monday night to speak on behalf of Amy at a caucus, and I might make it home Sunday… But I’ll update the blog daily through caucus.

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