Joe plays Iowa City…

The silver fox of the stump speech brought to you by Hillary campaign 3.0?

It was deja Hillary when I arrived an hour early- seats for maybe 200 and darn near as many press and a carefully arranged backdrop of flag, signs, and seats behind the candidate that were slow to fill. I was underwhelmed, and then our candidate arrived on “Clinton Standard Time”, over a half hour late. Then the silver fox, the master politician, went to work… Old school, but most impressive delivery and some fiery content. We had the pleasure of watching a master of political communication at work, the kind we don’t see much anymore and may never again when they’re gone.

Unfortunately, the masses no longer appreciate oratory like Joe Biden’s… The crowd was maybe 250 while Pete Buttigieg draws near twice that in a county with a 20th of Iowa City’s hordes of democrats. The enthusiasm was lacking too, the audience being way too Iowa nice to interrupt Joe with frequent applause.So will those silent Iowans attend the caucuses en masse and provide Joe a victory? Or will Joe again be the odd and now old man out in the Iowa caucuses?

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