Amy’s Now a Top Tier Candidate!

That’s Amy packin’ ‘em in to the rafters at the historic Orpheum Theater in Sioux City last Thursday. Been the same story at every stop in Iowa lately, a few days before Amy drew damn near a hundred democrats and a few sensible republicans in a county with barely a thousand registered democrats. Those numbers match the record turnouts Obama drew in 2007 and these were middle of the workday events!

Polling belatedly tells the same story, Amy has risen from the rabble of candidates and qualified for the January debates, one of only five candidates to do so. The campaign is gaining experience too- A month ago they made the newbie mistake of stashing chairs while the cameras rolled when the crowd didn’t match the room’s capacity due to poor scheduling communication… Now they’re hunting up chairs for overflow crowds and holding regular door knocks out of busy campaign offices while other candidate’s offices are closed.

So it’s time to take Amy seriously- She really can win Iowa, she’s pulling  the same huge crowds and polling well too in New Hampshire, and some of my “snowbird” friends from here in Minnesota are campaigning up a storm of support for Amy in Nevada, and I’m sure our snowbirds are doing the same in South Carolina! So take Amy seriously, a vote for Amy sure as heck ain’t wasted, and a few small donations would help too!

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