Amy Klobuchar’s Winning with Moderate Republicans!

Got the annual holiday call from my republican brother from Iowa the other day, and he noted the vast choice of candidates he’d have at the caucuses this year. What? 

Yup, my brother, who unlike the rest of the family has been a republican all his adult life, is caucusing as a democrat! Heck, he’s even been a republican candidate and local party officer. In opinions he’s still pro-life and capitalist, but Amy Klobuchar has won him over. Like my brother, Amy wants a “public option” so everyone can afford health insurance. Like Amy, my brother believes in civility and decency. And my brother knows that Amy is our most electable candidate because she appeals to democrats, independents, and moderate republicans… and that’s why he’s supporting Amy!

And my brother ain’t the only republican following Amy- Who should I see at an Amy campaign stop in Esterville, Iowa than a well known republican party leader from my county? This is how Amy wins over all democrats, independents, and thoughtful republicans with policies that work for all of us and a campaign that welcomes everyone. This is how Amy has won landslide victories in Minnesota with more votes than any other statewide democratic candidate, winning in red districts where no other democrat can. This is how Amy will win the Iowa caucuses, our democratic party’s nomination, and the presidency!  

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