MN7 Outreach Officers Report,11/18

CD7 DFL Outreach Officers report for November 2018:

It’s almost over… For a few months at least!

The election is less than a week away and the pollsters and prognosticators predict likely wins for our U.S. Senate and guvernoratorial candidates. Thanks to Collin’s unique appeal to both democrats and independents the republicans have all but given him a bye. That leaves us to concentrate on electing our down ballot state house candidates that the state DFL has darn near forgotten, despite needing to win at least a few rural seats to take back the house majority. So let’s make these state house candidates and our other DFLers running for county, local, and school board seats our top campaigning priority these last few days.

Weather (yup, a concern out here- In 2000 David Minge may have lost that close race due to snow pushing turnout down): Snow and morning temps below freezing are possible in the northern parts of our district satuday, sunday, and election day, adapt your campaigning accordingly.

Election day- This is Minnesota and we’re nice, but no doubt some Trump inspired idiots will be harassing voters. More dangerous is the odd republican election official that will block election day registrations, misdirect voters, etc…. Keep vigilant and report any problems!

Then celebrate election night, because on Wednesday the recount season begins… With so many tight elections the soon to be out of power GOP will be demanding and buying multiple recounts.

And after the holidays, the 2020 campaigns begin, and we have much work to do. For example, we need improved analytics- Checking out social media complaints of disenfranchisement on the White Earth Tribal Nation, I compared census counts of the adult population with voter registration counts in several townships and election turnout and found two townships where less that half the adults are even registered to vote! In this one tribal nation alone it appears that over 1000 adults aren’t even registered to vote, never mind voting. We need better analytics to find these voters and get them registered and voting in native and immigrant communities, especially as these are the communities whose populations are growing in rural america. We also need to spread our message and fundraise online- In just the last few weeks has raised a half million dollars online to stop the disenfranchisement of North Dakota native citizens. We need to nationalize our races, tell our story to the world, and fundraise everywhere… The state DFL ain’t gonna do it for us, so we gotta do it ourselves!

respectfully submitted, Dyna Sluyter

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