Election De-Stress: This is a Marathon, Not a Sprint…

Been seeing signs of stress in my fellow democrats lately, and with us barely a frenzied week away from election day, it’s time to put this election in perspective. Our goal is to turn america into a 21st century progressive democracy with a strong middle class, education and health care for all, equality of opportunity, etc.. Unfortunately we’re not going to be able to accomplish that all this election cycle, and probably not the next either.

So Trump gets a bye, the Senate is constitutionally gerrymandered against us, and the House is just plain gerrymandered to the point we need a 6% majority just to maybe control half the seats in congress. According to prognosticators par excellence 538 we have a 17% chance of winning back the Senate and a much better 85% chance of taking back the House. That means we’re probably stuck with Trump and his GOP sycophants in the Senate for another two years. But winning the House gives us bargaining power, though it will probably take well into next year to seat enough democratic reps to become the majority thanks to prolonged GOP recounting and litigation of numerous close elections. Down ballot it get even better, as we’re favored to pick up several governorships and state houses that will assure us fair redistricting after the 2020 census.

So as we run or wheel down this marathon course we face daily uphills and downhills. Coast on the downhills, conquer the uphills, and no matter the outcome of this election we’ll be gaining and further towards our marathon victory!




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