ActBlue raises more $$$ for dem candidates than the Democratic Party!

These Open Secrets stats show that the Democratic Party, DNC, D-Trip, and DSCC have raised an impressive billion+ dollars this cycle. Now take a look at these stats from ActBlue:

Cycle-to-Cycle Comparison

2014 Cycle through Q3 2014 2016 Cycle through Q3 2016 2018 Cycle through Q3 2018
Contributions 6,795,206 19,206,237 33,665,261
Total Amount $258,734,705 $634,133,519 $1,297,262,888
Average Contribution Size $38.07 $33.01 $38.53
Unique Campaigns, Committees, and Organizations 4,828 6,196 14,039

Yup, ActBlue just outraised the “Big D” Democratic Party!

In the bad old days you made a donation to the “Big D” Democratic Party and then they allocated it to their favored candidates, party units, whatever…. It was a system made for abuse, and top down control of the $$$ could force loyalty to party leaders and squelch progressive dissidents. At worst it enabled classical “machine” politics.

With ActBlue you, not the party bosses, pick the candidates and party units you want to support. Thanks to ActBlue’s low overhead your donation has maximum effectiveness. Just as Craig’s List obsoleted classified ads and Google revolutionized research, ActBlue has revolutionized campaign fundraising.

“Big D” Dinosaur Democratic Party, adapt or go extinct…

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